Commit 99f50286 authored by Markus Gothe's avatar Markus Gothe 👌 Committed by Yalu Zhang
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asterisk: fix so that 'bindintf' option works.

The bind directive in pjsip.conf has never been working
correctly. This commit fixes the regexp to it matches
the layout in the template config.
parent 14842ce7
......@@ -108,9 +108,9 @@ configure_sip_options() {
if [ -z "$bindintf" ] ; then
sed -i "s/bind=.*/bind=" $WORK_DIR/pjsip.conf
sed -i "s/bind =.*/bind =" $WORK_DIR/pjsip.conf
sed -i "s/bind=.*/bind=$(get_bindaddr $bindintf)/g" $WORK_DIR/pjsip.conf
sed -i "s/bind =.*/bind = $(get_bindaddr $bindintf)/g" $WORK_DIR/pjsip.conf
if [ -z "$bindport" ] ; then
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