Commit 666c14f9 authored by Hans Dedecker's avatar Hans Dedecker

system-linux: remove debug tracing

Signed-off-by: default avatarHans Dedecker <>
parent 08989e46
......@@ -1973,9 +1973,7 @@ int system_add_neighbor(struct device *dev, struct device_neighbor *neighbor)
int system_del_neighbor(struct device *dev, struct device_neighbor *neighbor)
int rval = system_neigh(dev, neighbor, RTM_DELNEIGH);
netifd_log_message(L_NOTICE,"return delete %d", rval);
return rval;
return system_neigh(dev, neighbor, RTM_DELNEIGH);
static int system_rt(struct device *dev, struct device_route *route, int cmd)
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