Commit f65527a2 authored by Jo-Philipp Wich's avatar Jo-Philipp Wich

iwinfo: expose all rate info fields in assoclist reply

Signed-off-by: default avatarJo-Philipp Wich <>
parent 7fec6361
......@@ -412,6 +412,26 @@ rpc_iwinfo_scan(struct ubus_context *ctx, struct ubus_object *obj,
static void
rpc_iwinfo_add_rateinfo(struct iwinfo_rate_entry *r)
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "ht", r->is_ht);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "vht", r->is_vht);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "mhz", r->mhz);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "rate", r->rate);
if (r->is_ht) {
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "mcs", r->mcs);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "40mhz", r->is_40mhz);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "short_gi", r->is_short_gi);
else if (r->is_vht) {
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "mcs", r->mcs);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "nss", r->nss);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "short_gi", r->is_short_gi);
static int
rpc_iwinfo_assoclist(struct ubus_context *ctx, struct ubus_object *obj,
struct ubus_request_data *req, const char *method,
......@@ -481,10 +501,7 @@ rpc_iwinfo_assoclist(struct ubus_context *ctx, struct ubus_object *obj,
blobmsg_add_u64(&buf, "drop_misc", a->rx_drop_misc);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "packets", a->rx_packets);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "bytes", a->rx_bytes);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "rate", a->rx_rate.rate);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "mcs", a->rx_rate.mcs);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "40mhz", a->rx_rate.is_40mhz);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "short_gi", a->rx_rate.is_short_gi);
blobmsg_close_table(&buf, e);
e = blobmsg_open_table(&buf, "tx");
......@@ -492,10 +509,7 @@ rpc_iwinfo_assoclist(struct ubus_context *ctx, struct ubus_object *obj,
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "retries", a->tx_retries);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "packets", a->tx_packets);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "bytes", a->tx_bytes);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "rate", a->tx_rate.rate);
blobmsg_add_u32(&buf, "mcs", a->tx_rate.mcs);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "40mhz", a->tx_rate.is_40mhz);
blobmsg_add_u8(&buf, "short_gi", a->tx_rate.is_short_gi);
blobmsg_close_table(&buf, e);
found = true;
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