Commit 3566b020 authored by Omar Kallel's avatar Omar Kallel

use mxmlGetOpaque instead of mxmlGetText

parent aab2e256
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......@@ -1568,10 +1568,10 @@ int cwmp_handle_rpc_cpe_set_parameter_values(struct session *session, struct rpc
b->parent->type == MXML_ELEMENT &&
!strcmp(b->parent->, "Value")) {
int whitespace;
parameter_value = strdup((char *)mxmlGetText(b, &whitespace));
parameter_value = strdup((char *)mxmlGetOpaque(b));
n = b->parent;
while (b = mxmlWalkNext(b, n, MXML_DESCEND)) {
v = (char *)mxmlGetText(b, &whitespace);
v = (char *)mxmlGetOpaque(b);
if (!whitespace) break;
asprintf(&c, "%s %s", parameter_value, v);
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