Commit 653ffbc2 authored by Omar Kallel's avatar Omar Kallel

Ticket refs #2618: TR069: Enhance separation between libbbf_api and libbbfdm (json functions)

parent b245ed91
......@@ -380,7 +380,6 @@ void cwmp_add_notification(void)
int len = strlen(buf);
if (len)
buf[len-1] = '\0';
#ifdef TR098
dmjson_get_var("parameter", &jval);
parameter = strdup(jval);
......@@ -389,16 +388,7 @@ void cwmp_add_notification(void)
dmjson_get_var("notification", &jval);
notification = strdup(jval);
bbfdmjson_get_var("parameter", &jval);
parameter = strdup(jval);
bbfdmjson_get_var("value", &jval);
value = strdup(jval);
bbfdmjson_get_var("notification", &jval);
notification = strdup(jval);
fault = dm_entry_param_method(&dmctx, CMD_GET_VALUE, parameter, NULL, NULL);
if (!fault && != &dmctx.list_parameter) {
dm_parameter = list_entry(, struct dm_parameter, list);
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