Commit d14e1b83 authored by Sukru Senli's avatar Sukru Senli

do not install acl files

parent 887bb9f8
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ $(PLUGIN)-install: $(PLUGIN_DIR)/po/template.pot $(CODE_DIR)/$(if $(CODE_LOAD),$
$(call Plugin/$(PLUGIN)/install,$(BIN))
$(Q)if [ -d $(PLUGIN_DIR)/ubus ]; then mkdir -p $(BACKEND_BIN_DIR); $(CP) $(PLUGIN_DIR)/ubus/* $(BACKEND_BIN_DIR); chmod +x $(BACKEND_BIN_DIR)/*; fi
$(Q)if [ -f $(PLUGIN_DIR)/menu.json ]; then mkdir -p $(BIN)/usr/share/rpcd/menu.d; $(CP) $(PLUGIN_DIR)/menu.json $(BIN)/usr/share/rpcd/menu.d/$(PLUGIN).json; fi
$(Q)if [ -f $(PLUGIN_DIR)/access.json ]; then mkdir -p $(BIN)/usr/share/rpcd/acl.d; $(CP) $(PLUGIN_DIR)/access.json $(BIN)/usr/share/rpcd/acl.d/$(PLUGIN).json; fi
#$(Q)if [ -f $(PLUGIN_DIR)/access.json ]; then mkdir -p $(BIN)/usr/share/rpcd/acl.d; $(CP) $(PLUGIN_DIR)/access.json $(BIN)/usr/share/rpcd/acl.d/$(PLUGIN).json; fi
ifeq ($(local),true)
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