Commit f4cb4407 authored by Shubham's avatar Shubham Committed by Vivek Kumar Dutta

get: B#3272 Validation under functional test script

parent af206e62
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in 6 minutes and 43 seconds
......@@ -17,6 +17,17 @@ supervisorctl status all
ubus-api-validator -d ./test/funl/json/ > ./funl-result.log
output=`ubus call usp.raw get '{"path":"Device.USB.USBHosts.Host.[Enable==0].Device."}' | grep "DeviceNumberOfEntries"`
echo "====================================================================="
echo "Validating Bug 3272 :: $output"
if [ -z "$output" ]; then
echo "Bug Validation 3272 Pass"
echo "Bug Validation 3272 Fail"
echo "====================================================================="
supervisorctl stop all
supervisorctl status
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