Commit 00e29842 authored by Anjan Chanda's avatar Anjan Chanda

bump version to 4.5.0

parent 0666fe04
Pipeline #427 passed with stage
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d6a94abdf3ffe93dc242c603faa6c304 main.c
d03ace77f2611aedebf42be23aed795a utils.c
aec204fb7ca23efff4ae09a8a6266d33 wifimngr.c
cc0af7954dfca84a1225455d27b6646b wifimngr_event.c
7a34fd0ed1c43b261931447bbf708a94 wps.c
3fa566f8a7af1fb7fe6180d269181052 main.c
775cfdcfb8062669b5eef7acfd1f1470 utils.c
defc64d3daaa98a5c98c37f1a06576ce wifimngr.c
fa4f04d5b2b4807044f4d3119e857f4c wifimngr_event.c
9f8f63361688ac31727ec3725c3fc5bb wps.c
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