Commit 6b1f24c9 authored by Anjan Chanda's avatar Anjan Chanda
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bump version to 11.0.0

parent 4d72abf7
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6652873eaa3ddcede086a7ca7d36e9ae main.c
fba036b70dedb969672e03f48e7f377a utils.c
349493e0a46926f4953bca5bfd88b662 wifimngr.c
1484c547e5903a9619158b2c2d511ec9 wifimngr.c
92ef53cfb9f50dbf0b8771c60cb84f90 wifimngr_event.c
61241a1cedc403d0ae7120201ead395a wps.c
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ cd /opt/dev
rm -fr easy-soc-libs
git clone
cd easy-soc-libs
git checkout 94e88d772aa958d11d675717ec20fd88c47e2cf8
git checkout a82d64c15dec32e032ff36f6b9bbbb707010c93e
cd libeasy
make CFLAGS+="-I/usr/include/libnl3"
mkdir -p /usr/include/easy
const char *wifimngr_base_version = "10.0.0";
const char *wifimngr_xtra_version = "21272-1021";
const char *wifimngr_base_version = "11.0.0";
const char *wifimngr_xtra_version = "21387-2106";
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