Commit f00e7fe9 authored by Andreas Gnau's avatar Andreas Gnau
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iop: config: Use OpenSSL instead of WolfSSL for libustream

In IOPSYSWRT, we use OpenSSL. Instead of shipping WolfSSL just for the
OpenWrt libustream library (which powers the uclient-fetch / wget
commands), make libustream use OpenSSL as well. This decreases security
maintenance and reduces overhead in image size and memory usage.
parent dd7aac2a
......@@ -219,3 +219,7 @@ CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_TARGZ=y
# Disable it. Most SoCs nowadays has HW random generators anyway.
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_urandom-seed is not set
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_urngd is not set
# We use OpenSSL, no need to ship multiple TLS libraries
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_libustream-wolfssl is not set
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